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Heads Up:

Just a little heads up: On the 12th of August, Richard Brandt sent another letter to CSD. In it, he agrees with Ms. Eckard's claim, by stating CSD "manipulated" the water/drought conservation numbers, which  will harm the community, yet benefit developers.  


For the few who felt Ms. Eckard's concerns were motivated by "anti development" or an "anti CSD" stance, or worse yet, who claimed Jan's concerns were "B.S." how do they explain Mr. Brandt's letter?


Please note, Richard Brandt was the former CSD attorney (although his knowledge of the manipulated number is from his prior CSD board presidency).


Thank you to Richard Brandt for validating Janis Eckard's claim that the number was "manipulated" and for bravely speaking up for our community's best interest. Your good citizenship is much appreciated.


Candy Chand 

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