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Heater Vent Cleaners

I want to have my heating/AC vents cleaned. Any recommendations?

Melinda Frost

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Duct cleaning

Melinda, call my friend Penne Usher @ ServPro Rancho Cordova. 205-9609, cell phone. make sure to tell her I gave you her number.

John Hein

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Cleaning the air return

Cleaning the air return vent(s) is usually a fairly simple do it yourself job if you have a ladder to access it/them. Some are remove/replace vs clean with  a spray of water.. Replacements are available from places like Home Depot..Take the old one in so you get the right replacement filter if they are not cleanable (plastic mesh etc.) Having someone come out to clean them will not be a cheap proposition and some outfits have an annual service available where everything gets checked out and filter cleaning is a part of it.

Jerry Pasek

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Heating/AC vents - Duct Cleaning opinion

Just my opinion, but you can replace all your ducting for around the same cost as a quality cleaning from what I understand.  We did that with Barrett Services in the past and felt we got it replaced with a better product.  I did ask around for opinions on the difference.  I don't think Josh Barrett even offers it because he told my husband it is impossible to clean flexible ducting without damaging it.  He advertises here on RM.com - www.barretthomeservices.com (916 337 0459.)   We have recommended him to so many people and honestly, I get comments back how honest and fair he is.......Also, I remember seeing info on Dateline so here is a link - It is a couple years old, but was easy to find.  




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