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Hit and Run on Jackson Hwy

Good evening, neighbors. I hope you're all well. 

I'm reporting to you that my family and I were just victims to a hit and run on Jackson Hwy, hoping you will help be on the lookout for the person responsible, and asking that you use our story as another reminder to be very alert and practice defensive driving while travelling on Jackson Hwy.

My husband and sons (4 and 2) were travelling eastbound on Jackson Hwy, just east of Latrobe, where the road bends. An oncoming vehicle was passing other vehicles travelling westbound and drove into our lane. Luckily, we swerved to avoid them. The only damage (besides being emotionally shaken) was that they took out our driver's side mirror. Talk about a close call. 

Hit and runs aren't taken very seriously by insurance companies or law enforcement - there's not much they can do, and I understand the limitations there. We talked to both, at least to report it. Hopefully the driver who took out our mirror (and nearly took out our family) was simply distracted and not intoxicated, and I can only hope that they will not harm anyone else with their carelessness this evening. 

Please, be cautious on Jackson Hwy. You may be an excellent driver, but some of the other folks on the road may not be paying attention, and it could be fatal. Drive defensively, be alert, and be safe, my neighbors. 

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