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How Come??

This site used to keep us informed about all kinds of things that I no longer see here.....such as what was the recent power outage all about???.......and the one that we had a few weeks back also.

I've been 'away' for several months and not reading here and now when I've been checking back the last couple of weeks it seems that most everything has stopped.....has the 'management' or direction of the site changed?.....what am I missing as I don't have time to go back through months of back pages to find an annoucement.  Please help me understand.

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Community Hot Line

Hey Jan,

I'm not speaking for Karen but my understanding is that RM.com relies heavily on user tips. I think it's a teeny small business with no official "reporters" on staff. 

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I believe real reporters (from both RVT as well as from rm.com) cover all the community meetings, often including even committee meetings, which can begin as early as 7 a.m.In addition, both RMA and CSD meetings are streamed live on this site. This is not exactly the modus operandi of a "teeny small" business!

Bobbi Belton

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Exactly, if no one let Karen know about the power outage and Karen did not lose power herself, she would have no idea.  I did not know about the recent one within the last week.  I have friends on Rio Blanco and they told me their power was out all night.  We had power down on Terreno so we were unaware.

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Small is powerful!

Hey Bobbi, I think small businesses can be powerful. Teeny manpowerwise.  Thanks for the opportunity to clarify.

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Thanks for the help

RM.com is a one-person operation (with a bit of occasional help). If you see
something newsworthy, don't assume anyone here knows about it already. Send an
email to editor@ranchomurieta.com or call 354-3916. Thanks!

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