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If we want true safety, let's get serious

Dear RMA Board of Directors:

On March 3, I was cited for “Failure to Stop” on Wednesday, April 3, at the intersection of Pera and Lago streets at 8:23 AM. I plan to check with security to see the tape showing the violation because I believe I did stop. However, that is not the point of this letter.

Your boilerplate letter of notice to me says, among other things, that you want ”a high level of confidence that you and your family members are in a safe environment” in our community. I support that fully.

However, I question whether the Intersection of my alleged violation at 8:23 AM meets that goal. I pass the intersection of Lago and Pera at least 20 times per week, and rarely see another car at the same intersection. The only auto at the intersection that morning was mine and the patrol car about 100 yards north of the intersection. Whether I came to a complete stop or not will be determined by the review I am about to seek. Since I go to Church every Wednesday for 8:30 AM Mass, I rarely see another car there. Maybe at the commute time peak on weekdays there is considerable traffic, but review of citations might certainly prove that one way of the other. Maybe you should investigate yourselves.

What I do know and have personally seen multiple times occurs on my own street, Puerto Drive. When either I or my wife take out our dog to do his business on our own front lawn between 6:30 and 8:00 AM, we observe many autos doing anywhere from 35 to 55 MPH heading south on Puerto. It is somewhat disconcerting to see some of the drivers putting on their makeup, combing, their hair, shaving, or talking on their cellphones. The latter is a serious hazard in my book. You do have a flashing sign at Puerto and Fuente de Paz, which is useful, but I do not know how well the proper speed limit is observed because the sign is two hundred yards south of my property.

Puerto is a mile long, has 17 Parks, is steep at the upper end, has 4 intersecting streets, and is heavily used by morning walkers. It is a small freeway during commute hours morning and afternoon. I suggest community safety might be better accomplished by officer observance here than at some other locations. You know as well as anyone that Murieta Parkway, upper and lower Guadalupe, and Camino del Lago are frequent raceways as well, so I suggest careful observance of these busy streets to make for a safer community. Rolling slowly through a stop sign at Pera and Lago, if that is what I did, hardly compares to what many of us see on those other streets mentioned. Let’s get serious about true safety.

It’s both comical and ironic that on April 3 I was on my way to church. Maybe I should stop going to church on Wednesdays, or perhaps take an alternative route to save “Marshall Dillon” some work. It might be harder for him to make his quota, but we all could be safer.

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