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I accidently discovered a 'new' Walmart....just opened 4 months ago.  Corner of Gerber and Elk Grove Florin Rd....sort of in the middle of nowhere.  Its HUGE...and clean...and VERY well stocked at this point....eg: I found multiple brands, styles, AND colors of heated throws that I have not been able to find anywhere (sold out or only 2 left in red).  It is 'designed' for the south area with limited entry and other configuration considerations......but it hasn't been discovered yet by the 'masses' and its pristine.   Walmart shoppers ...enjoy....LOL

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New Walmart

Yes Jan, you are correct about the new Walmart ......since I travel in that location often, I watched them build the new store and have been there to shop. It is beautiful and well stocked. I personally like Walmart for groceries as well as other items.....we did our shopping yesterday to be ready for the pending storms.....

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