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It's Girl Scout cookie time!

As a former (14 year) GS leader, I would like to encourage everyone to support your local Girl Scouts this cookie season. This is where troops earn the funds to do their chosen activities and the local GS council makes the money needed to fund camps, events and outreach. I know the cost has gone up to $5 a box, but all the proceeds stay with the girls or the local Council. Don't compare the cost to Oreos or other store bought cookies. The proceeds for those go to large corporations for the sole purpose of making money for the corporation. I don't see Nabisco donated cookies at the VA where I work, that's for sure! Ask the girls what they plan on doing with the money and make sure they do the math for you! This is the time of year where even the littlest girls learn budgeting, planning and the very important skill of speaking to strangers (in a safe environment of course). On a diet like me? See if they are donating cookies somewhere and buy a few! Better yet, buy some boxes, do a good deed and  take them yourself to a shut in, a senior home/center or the VA Hospital  to name just a few places where GS cookies would be most welcome. Girl Scouts will tell you it feels good to give back!

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