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Kudos to the driver of the White Truck!

As I was driving my golf cart on Murieta Parkway towards Chesbro Lake, a White pickup truck passed me by going 25 MPH just past Domingo.  Yes, 25 MPH!  Kudos to him or her because 2 young boys came running through the oleanders in the middle island trying to get away from an agressive Doe.  Had the truck been going any faster, and the kids had been running quicker, there could have been a tragedy.  Folks, there are more than just turkeys and deer that can come out of the oleanders down the parkway.  You can't see through the center island in many spots.  Please respect the speed limit of our community, the life you save may be turkey, deer or your child or grandchild!  You are only saving SECONDS exceeding the speed limit!  Many thanks to that truck driver for respecting the 25 MPH speed limit. 

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