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Letters to RMA about Village fee

FYI, attached are two letters that I have mailed to the Rancho Murieta Association Board of Directors.  This was in response to the board's imposition of an annual fee ($780) on bar codes issued to residents of Murieta Village.  In summary, the letter states that residents of Murieta Village have a legal right to access and use the parks behind the RMA gates and that they cannot legally interfere with that right.

The letters makes clear that the board has taken that action to deprive Murieta Village residents of their rights in spite of the fact that RMA's own lawyers had explicitly told them that we had a 'right' to access the parks.

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Village Fees

Thanks Richard for posting copies of your letters. Please keep us informed of any reply. I was wondering what is happening with this issue. I have tickets to the ETC concert on September 1st.  If my bar code does not work, will I still be able to attend? 


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ETC concert

Cathy- No worries if the bar code doesn’t work I will call you in as my guest!


Warren Lutey

Have a good day

Warren J. Lutey

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Thanks Warren.  I do have a

Thanks Warren.  I do have a group of friends. I will keep you posted. I have volunteered at the site during the day, shall be interesting if I can get in.....

Cathy Ann


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