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Living a Praying Life Bible Study

Come join a small group of women as we explore Jennifer Kennedy Dean's bible study Living a Praying Life.  This study goes back to the biblical  basics of prayer, cleaning out myths about prayer to rev up a powerful, ongoing connection to God that can invigorate every aspect of a Christian's life. Though prayer is essential to the Christian life, believers often have questions about prayer itself. Living a Praying Life tackles the complex theological questions of: If God is sovereign, why pray? Can I change God's mind? If prayer doesn't give God new ideas or awaken love or mercy, then what does it do? What part do faith, obedience, and forgiveness play in prayer? How can the promises of God become real to me? How can prayer open my life to God's power and provision?  If interested contact Felicia at (916) 690-6501 or fjlewis5@gmail.com

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