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Local Contractors: Davis Custom Works and Universal Custom Design, thank you!!!

I would just like to thank Rancho Murieta resident Cable Davis of Davis Custom Works for my beautiful new bathroom remodel. We had white tile, dated cabinets and a REALLY bad shower with gold fixtures and trim everywhere!! Cable and his crew were very professional, super polite, very reasonably priced and did amazing work. I would highly recommend them!!!! Amazing! Cable's number is 916-220-2937. Call him for a quote!

The cabinet work was done by another Rancho Murieta resident. Universal Custom Design Cabinets. 916-714-2505, just ask for Curtis on the res cab division. The cabinets turned out beautiful! Cable and UC Design worked hand in hand and the end result was amazing. Thanks to you all for your help!!!  It's so nice to be able to use contractors that are local and live in the same community.

If anyone has any questions or would like to see their work up close feel free to e-mail me. cd.craig1@sbcglobal.net

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Davis Custom Works does amazing work

Deb - I agree with you 100%.  I loved your remodel, it is beautiful.

We also used Davis Custom Works to build our outdoor BBQ/kitchen in our backyard last year.  Cable and his crew were professional, easy to work with and did a fantastic job.  They customized our backyard into a beautiful entertainment area.  This project turned out better than expected.  I fully recommend Davis Custom Works for any remodel or home improvement projects you need.

I'd be happy to share pictures if anyone is interested - just email me heidir717@yahoo.com.

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