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Loss of Stations - Greenfield Cable

Is anyone else having issues with stations missing from the cable service? This morning (2/11/18) I was missing KVIE and then later in the day I was missing NBC. After these returned, I was then missing CNBC and USA. Last week BBCA and TruTV came up missing for about a week.

Greenfield told me that unless multiple Rancho Murieta subscribers notify them about these problems, they only exist with my cable service. Maybe that's true, but I thought I would ask others through this forum.

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Greenfield- loss of stations

Sometimes the stations just go off the air for some unknown reason...today, I lost several stations in the afternoon....I had to re-scan the tv to get them back...when you call Greenfield, they said it's our tv's...I don't believe that but that's their answer......!!!!!!!

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We had issues yesterday with

We had issues yesterday with several channels showing "Weak or No signal." Does anyone know if all the Greenfield channels are broadcast via DISH t.v. contract? Reason I ask is that some channels were doing fine. KVIE had been a problem for two days.


Bobbi Belton

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It appears that the lower channels (to ch 15) are erratic relative to reception. There are days when they are perfect and other days/times when they constantly break up (picture and/or sound) or one gets the no signal msg. This is on Trinidad Drive. When the lower channels break up, the others come in fine.

Jerry Pasek

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Cable problems

I also have problems of losing channels but also have problems with pixilation (picture looks like a kaleidescope which is very pretty but I'd rather see the show). It's not all channels and I can usually find something to watch and I have complained so many times to Greenfield I have given up on getting any help. I had one Greenfield guy (Wayne) out hee maybe 7 times and he finally told me I need to have my indoor wiring redone. But the last guy out here was different and said Wayne "is no longer with them". The channels I have the most pixillation problems with are CBS and NBC - that's right - the Olympics and Dateline which is my favorite. Oh well at least I always get Bravo where my favorite reality shows are (knock on wood!!).By the way just checked NBC and tonight looks clear. No rhyme or reason.to when the problems strike. 

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