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Marcia Courson - Make Murieta Great Again

Ms. Courson is the classic example of "Fake News" and opinions of the un informed. The latest editorial in the RVT is an example of her lack of knowledge. I think she should run for the board, if she is not qualified because she is a part time resident, I would suggest the 3 year membership be waived. Her expertise and vast math skills, could be used to figure out how to increase revenue, and pay for needed improvements, and pay for much needed amenities. It appears she has been involved with the current process and should be welcomed with all of the new ideas she has mentioned. If this is not the case, then I would suggest editorials of misinformation, do not help the process or " Make Murieta Great Again".

Wynn Goebel


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marcia courson - make murieta great again


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Fake news

One word, amusing!! Too funny, had to laugh. 24 years of membership and I can't recall anyone terming a previous board member as "fake news". Perhaps you have all the answers Wynn....if so please share them.

John Hein

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Make Murieta great again? Thanks, but...

Make Murieta great again?

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Country Club problems

Why is the OE3 being allowed to jeopardize our home values and the future of our community? Their Pension Trust is bankrupt. The Board needs to call their bluff! 

C L Woods

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Union Contract Withdrawal

The facts are Rancho Murieta Country Club spends about $1M more each year for maintenance that what is normal. Mostly cost overruns are caused by the labor provided by the Operating Engineers union. 

The OE3 Pension Trust is ERISA protected. To withdraw from the union contract in December, the Rancho Murieta CC must pay a pro rata share of the unfunded vested benefit liability. The problem is that amount changes from month to month. It is a moving target. And the union has no reason to negotiate. On December 31st, the country club, to withdraw from the union contract, must pay between $2.8M and $10M. 

The business model at Rancho Murieta CC can not sustain itself overpaying for maintenance. Nothing against the OE3, but there are are limits members can pay. It is not 1972 and memberships aren't $50 a month. This is a difficult situation that affects us all. 

C L Woods

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Chris, please post your "fact

Chris, please post your "fact" about what is "normal" and what RMCC pays.

How much do you think the average worker at the country club makes per hour?

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