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A misguided couple in a golf cart

This morning while walking up Murrieta Parkway with my friend, a golf cart coming down in the bike walking lane, didn't want to move out of the lane..and as they went by, made a comment that she expected us to get out of the way of them. We both reminded her, that they needed to move, not us..we had the right away..

So, as a reminder to people who drive their golf carts around the community, the bike lane is for biking and walking..golf carts can use it unless there are people riding their bikes or walking and then the golf carts must get out of the bike lane and drive in the road with the cars. This has always been the case..besides, pedestrians  ALWAYS HAVE THE RIGHT OF WAY IN CALIFORNIA, even if you don't like what I stated above..

Please be curtious and learn the rules of the road in our state and in our community before you act in an unpleasant way.

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I'm somewhat new to Rancho,

I'm somewhat new to Rancho, and am appalled at how rude some golf cart drivers are. Not only in terms of driving too fast (in 10 MPH areas), and almost running over people, but also blasting loud music. I don't want to listen to your loud country music anymore than you'd want me blasting heavy metal out of my golf cart. Having said that, overall we love it here, and have found most people very friendly and welcoming.

Jeff Consiglio
Rancho Murieta Resident

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