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Mobile dog groomer recommendation

Does anyone have a recommendation for a mobile dog groomer in Rancho Murieta?  The only business listed here (Bark-N-Bubbles) said they no longer provide services to our area.  Thanks in advance.  

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Dog Groomer recommendations

I do not have a dog but the following places have been recommended many times on Facebook by residents:

Dog Gone Purfect 916-683-0600

Karen’s Clip Joint 916-225-1404

Cheryl’s TLC  916-817-0034

Cherina with TLC 916-331-1809. 

Pride Dog Grooming  916-912-7255


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My picky dogs love Kris from Doggone Purrfect Grooming


My dogs love Kris from Doggone Purrfect Grooming. You can reach him by their main business number 916-683-0600 or his business phone which is Muddy Mutts 916-849-7913. He contracts through Doggone Purrfect as they were so busy they subcontractor all their groomers to their own companies!

My Mini Aussie isn't good out in public on leash and can't go to a grooming shop, but for some reason, he love Kris, which is very unusual because he doesn't like men all that much to begin with! He hops right down the steps and into the mobile grooming van and never any problems. Kris is very responsive, lets you know if he sees anything unusual on your pet, and understands different dog breeds and their coats and my dogs have never looked better. My border collie is very shy and sensitive and Kris is very gentle with her and she is comfortable with him now, I never have to worry!

Kimberlee Hatcher

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