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Motorcylce Parking Lot


I see that the RMA Board of Directors is talking about building a covered parking lot for motorcycles in the North. Nice gesture. But, what’s not so nice is that the Board is talking about charging motorcycle riders for the use of the facility to defray the cost of construction.

Is it the riders’ fault that the board created this inequitable situation in the first place (riders in the South don’t have to park or pay) or that the majority of the good citizens of Rancho Murieta wouldn’t correct the inequity by simply allowing motorcycle owners to ride from the North gate to their garage? I don’t think so.

Maybe each of those who voted against the fair-minded change in the CC&Rs should put their money where their vote is and volunteer to pay their 1/725th of the cost of building the parking facility.

By the way, I’ve never owned a motorcycle and don't know anyone who does. I rode on one once…it was fun.

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