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Murieta Plumbing - Another great service call!

I just wanted to pass along my experience with Martin of Murieta Plumbing.  We had our water heater go out about 15 months ago and Martin came out same day and showed me what the problem was.  And gave me a price for a new one that I could live with.  That was not an easy task and I am told I have problems parting with my money.    Well,  I had to call him out again last week as we were not getting much in the way of hot water.  I would say it was warm at best and taking 6-8 minutes to get even warm water and I was sure it was the "new" water heater.  Martin came out again the same day for this new issue and within 30-35 minutes was able to show me what he felt the problem was and why it wasnt the water heater causing the issue.   He came back with the needed part and had it fixed in 10 minutes a day later.   I dont write on the web site much but when I find a local business that I have had two very successful dealings with I wanted to share with the community.   Martin took the time on both calls to answer my questions and then show me the hows and why the problem occurred and why he was recomending the solution he was.  I would whole heartedly recomend anyone to reach out to Martin at Murieta Plumbing (354-3303) for help! 

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