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Murieta Plumbing is awesome!!

 We noticed standing water next to one of our neighbors trees which was planted 20 years ago, and after realizing that our water main goes right under that tree, we decided to call Martin who owns MURIETA PLUMBLING. He came over promptly, and agreed with our assessment that the tree roots had caused the slow leak.  Martin and his son came over this morning, on a Sunday,  and decided to detour around the tree which was now only a stump since we cut it down. After pulling the old pipe out, it clearly showed that when the landscapers dug the hole for the tree,  they cut into our pipe, did a very bad temporary fix, and planted the tree anyway! 

Martin and his son did an amazing job under lousy muddy conditions and charged a very fair price for repairing our water main leak. My husband and I want to recommend Martin and his son to anyone who needs their plumbing repaired...he is a huge asset to our community.... 

Martin's phone number is: 916-354-3303...please give him a call for any plumbing and  home repairs you have. 

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Murieta Plumbing

Yes Myrna, I agree.  Martin is our plumber also.......I wouldn't call anyone else.

He's the man!!!!!!

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Us, too

Yep, Martin is THE MAN when it comes to plumbing.  He's helped us out several times.  Fast, reliable and reasonable.  Glad he's out here and wouldn't call anyone else.

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