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Murieta Plumbing impressed us again!!!

When Martin came to our home recently to fix our main water line that our neighbors tree was sitting on top of.....he told us about a device that when installed would circulate the hot water so that when you want hot water upstairs, it gets hot right away instead of taking for ever....Today he came to do this, and also to redo some plumbing outside as well...We are so impressed with Martin's integrity, and workmanship...and besides all of that...he is a heck of a nice guy...We are so lucky to have him in our neighborhood....Thank you Martin....

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I agree

Yes, Myrna, isn't Martin wonderful?  He's been to our house several times and he's the only plumber I'll call now. 

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Good guy

Yep, Martin is the best! We did a kitchen remodel ourselves, but asked him to do the plumbing. He always showed up on time, he worked with our needs and wants, his bill was fair, his work was excellent (he even came up with a creative solution that prevented us from having to jack hammer up the floor).

And, he's a charming conversationalist!!

 Craig Sheumaker

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#1 Customer Base

Thank you for all of your wonderful comments and support. It has become harder for me to service other areas outside of Rancho Murieta & Sloughhouse thanks to the wonderful community support I receive and with a customer base as great as ours here I have been spoiled to the point that I would rather not service any other areas. The vast majority of our customers are either refferals or repeat customers and we thank everyone who has supported us.

Martin Rivett

Murieta Plumbing Service

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