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Murieta Plumbing Service

I ordered a new hot water heater. I ordered the GE Heat pump water heater. Fancy! I needed a plumber to install it. I called around. You would think we live in Siberia! I can't believe how many - "I don't service Rancho Murieta." or "I don't go out that far!" or "That's too far for me to travel with gas so high." Some of these places are located in Fair Oaks, Rancho Cordova and Folsom. If I was in North Natomas (twice the miles) , they would have come over. Sheesh!

So I went local. Martin at Murieta plumbing Service (354-3303) answered his phone and was very knowledgeable, professional & polite. We set up a pre-install appt. Martin came out, gave me an estimate and I promised to call as soon as I knew the delivery time for Saturday. He came out on Saturday and installed the new one. It turned out I  also needed 2 new valves. When I asked "how much" it was because I expected to pay for the additional work. He quoted me back the original estimate. I had to force him to take the additional money. It's only fair to pay for what you get.

I had called around just to get an educated guess as how much I should set aside for the install back in Novemeber. Martin was very reasonable in price. Especially since with the additional work took it just past 4 hours. He even hauled away my old water heater.

I highly recommend Martin for your plumbing needs. He did a great job.

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Murieta Plumbing

I agree Elisabeth....we had occasion to need a plumber and I called Martin. He took care of my problem and was reasonable in price. He stays on the job and always follows up to see that all is working fine....I appreciate his customer service.

If you have plumbing needs, Martin is your man.

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Be sure to rate them

Some friendly advice?  When you like a company's service -- and when you don't -- visit the Business Directory and let your feelings be known in the ratings.  Hundreds of Murietans have rated the companies in the directory.  Log in and do the same.

Click for the Business Directory.

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Very Reasonable

 I too had the need for a plumber this past week-end.  Martin arrived at our agreed upon time, performed the work and the price was very reasonable.

I guess I won't be calling those guys that give you a four hour window and charge you and arm and a leg just to say hello.

Quality work, on time, friendly, and reasonable cost?  I know it's hard to believe, but it's true with Murieta Plumbing.

I almost forgot to mention - this was Sunday afternoon.

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Recommend Murieta Plumbing

 We too had a very positive experience with Murieta Plumbing Service.  Rather than make a costly repair to an 8 year old water heater, Martin recommended a new water heater, ordered and delivered it to our home, bought all the necessary parts from Home Depot, installed it and hauled away the old water heater for a very reasonable fee.  We would definitely call him again and recommend him to others in need of service.  

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Murieta Plumbing

WOW, Thank you everyone who posted all of those great comments. This community is truely the best community to do business with. I have been in the plumbing industry for 24 years and have never felt so appreciated as I do by our customers here in  Rancho Murieta. I would like to thank everyone who has chosen Murieta Plumbing and would like to say a special thanks to the Petro Family as they were one of our very first customers here and with one of the most difficult water heater installations I have every performed they never lost confidence or faith that it would be a success. This is an example of why it is so great to work here and  we vow continue to do the best job for our valued customers without every sacrificing our 3 main objectives. Service, Price, Quality. We will soon be setting up a web page here so please continue checking back for information, sales and other great product offers.

Thank you very much for all of your support

Martin Rivett,

Murieta Plumbing Service

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Thee Best By Far!


We have been most fortunate in using Martin's services more than once. He is THEE best plumber that we have ever encountered by far. Martin is diligent, trustworthy and personable. He will always be  our 'Go to plumber' from now on.

May good fortune smile on you and your family always Martin. Truly hope your little girl is doing well. Please keep us posted about her progress, as many care and will be there to help if need be.

Gillian M Smith


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Rancho Murieta Plumbing

Martin of Murieta Plumbing has provided us with excellent service on several occasions. One emergency that went late into the night and on smaller jobs. He is knowledgeable, conscientious and is reasonable with his pricing. I have noticed that he is very busy and I think he does his best to prioritize the many "emergency" calls he receives every day. Since he is a "one man show", I try to be reasonable with my requests, realizing that fixing my garbage disposal may have to get done after someone else's busted water pipe. He is local and has always done well by us and our community.

Linda Gossett

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Great Plumer

Murieta Plumbing, Great Service and wonderful help AND Honest

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Called Murieta Plumbing 6 times this week without a return call. Heard he may have lost his license. Got a hold of Pragle Plumbing who immediately took my call and handled the plumbing problem professionally and at a good price. I would highly recommed Mark Pragle for your plumbing and heating/air needs. He can be reached at 916-247-7514. 

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