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Nails in the Street - Heads Up

Heads up or look down !  I found 18 roofing nails on de la Cruz this morning.  (I wonder if thats where my wife and 2 neighbors have received flats from, hmm)  Unfortunately when I showed them to the owner/contractor doing roofing, he did not want to speak with me.  When I spoke to Security they said they HAD spoken to him several times.  Guess he is not going to make a great neighbor !  

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Nails in Street

Oh no!  I guess I'd better check my tires...I was just on De La Cruz yesterday.  Which house?...as there are two being built and I drove by both of them.

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Nails in the street on De la Cruz

Get the company name and phone number, call them and tell them what is going on, and they are responsible for the damage to your tire/tires. They can be prohibited from coming into the communtiy if they do not take responsibility and clean them up......

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