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Need Plumber recommendation

Does anyone have a plumber recommendation?  I've called Murieta Plumbing 5 times and haven't received a phone call back.  I actually spoke to the secretary/his wife I think, she said hold on, then the line disconnected and haven't answered since.  I called 5-6 times over Thanksgiving when we had a different issue and they never called back.  Not sure what is up them not returning calls.  I've tried handy bob but he isn't available until Wednesday.  Anyone else have a reliable affordable plumber to handle some fairly basic plumbing stuff?  Thanks. 



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Give me a call. I may be able to help you. 916-870-6218


Randy Shepherd


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Plumber recommendtion

I have a great recommendation - Mark Pragle.  He has been responsive, honest and fair..........and he calls you back.  I have a very bad taste in my mouth locally from an experience (and I would always rather do local business).  Pragle Plumbing 916 247 7514.  I know a couple of local realtors who have used him and we have on 3 occasions and at a couple of my clients.  Good luck.

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We had the same problem with Murieta Plumbing. Actually had a time/date set and he was a no-show. No call, nothing. Very disappointing since I rearranged my day to fit his schedule. At the end of the day I called to ask what happened and his answering machine stated he was on vacation for a month. And he didn't know that when he made the appointment? Plus no consideration of a call to at least cancel/reschedule the appointment? Unacceptable.

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Murieta PLumbing.

i had an appointment with Muirieta Plumbing at 8:00 this morning to install a faucet.  Did not show.  I left message at 8:30.  No reply.  I called again at 3:00 PM.  Mail box is full, not accecting messages. Great way to run a business. We got up early to ready sink to be worked on and planned our day around this appointment.  Needless to say, I am not pleased and will be calling someone else..  

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Called Mark Pragle Plumbing.  He came out and did a great job.  Can you believe it, he actually called me back, made an appointment and showed up.  WOW

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Still no call back from

Still no call back from Murieta Plumbing.  left them three messages, also at least one on his cell phone and no call back, no response, nothing.  I did receive a call back from Pragle and also from the plumber who responded back to me (can't remember the name) who was very nice and responsive.  I ended up needed to get a new faucet and not repairing it so I'm going to try to install myself and if not, call one of these two professionals.  Thanks for the help everyone.

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Murieta Plumbing

I've been following this thread and I do remember seeing his work vehicle parked in front of someone's home on Friday, so he is around.  Very strange...

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Thank You Murieta Plumbing

Our water heater went out last Tuesday morning. After I warmed up from the cold shower, I immediately called Murieta Plumbing and my call was promptly answered. Marty was able to come over that same day, analyze the issue, replace the missing part to get the water heater up and running, and then discuss options with us. Our water heater was on its last leg (15 years) so we went with a new water heater. Marty explained the price options and we settled on the one we liked. He said he would come back 2 days on Thursday with the new water heater. He did and the new water heater was installed. We have had the new water heater for over 1 week and it is running and producing hot water great! We are happy we went with a new water heater and worked with Murieta plumbing. Thank you Marty!



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We have used Bud's Plumbing for a remodel and they were great. 


10275 Old Placerville Rd # 14, Sacramento, CA 95827


Phone:(916) 363-9795


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Murieta Plumbing

Ditto Steve, same situation for us. Thanks Martin!!

John Hein

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Murieta Plumbing

I have always had good service with Martin...I can't understand what may be happening that he has not returned calls...I saw his truck yesterday...perhaps some family issue.

Maybe he needs someone to take/return calls other than his wife......

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