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New Format

Maybe I am from the old school, but I do not care for the new format that was just impilmented. I know things have to change, but is this better, easier to use, I don't think so. Not for me anyway.

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Hard to read...

Too much white.  Can the 'skin' be changed?

Can the dates on the left of the stories be removed?

Can I get rid of the classifieds on the right?  

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Not crazy about the new format

Martha is right about both "too much white" and also the width of the space on the right devoted to ads. Any chance you'll consider returning to the format we all knew and loved?

Bobbi Belton

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I don't like change anymore than the next guy.....and this is somewhat confusing.  That is, that I keep looking for the forum section and the comment section and don't have the match ups anymore. And my computer was set to remember my password and it took me forever to figure out what it was again.   You have to warn us when you are going to do these things.

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Looks great on phone

The change definitely made rm.com mobile device friendlly. Like any change (road closures, school construction, parade rules) things tend to work out. #loveRMonthego

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New Format

My husband always says, "If it's not broken, don't fix it." What was the reasoning behind the decision to change the format of RM.com? I agree with Bob Andrews and do not care for the new format either.

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Agree, too much white

Too much squinting to read the page from with the current color scheme.

It does look good on the cell phone though :-)

Heads up to anyone that had subscriptions.  Mine were all gone, so you might check and see if you need to re-subscribe.  Some old content has been lost, not sure how much.

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