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No Beef to be found at plaza foods


Unfortunately, I went into plaza foods today to find some beef before the memorial holiday ? The selves were empty ,no steak, no chicken etc. I always counted on going there to get my items just before the weekened. No one at the store could provide, " when they would be stocked up again". I had gone in there 3 times, "Three different days this week "and the meat section was empty.

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Plaza Foods


Try to get some milk.

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Plaza Foods

I used to shop quite frequently at Plaza Foods. It's a real shame that the owner has let this store go to heck and creating hardships for our residents. I feel so bad for our seniors that do not drive and have relied on this store for their groceries and other goods to survive. I have never met the present owner and do not care to at this point.....I don't think she would want to know how I and many of our residents feel about how she has destroyed what was a very popular and succesful business in just a short time. I have heard all her excuses and they just don't fly......why she doesn't just close the doors and walk away I can't imagine. It's an empty shell now and she is just making the residents more irate day by day. So very sad.

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Sunrise Farmer's Market

Hi Damon, 

It's all so sad. A friend just told me the Sunrise Farmer's Market on Sat has amazing beef. Pokerville has a full meat market and is a total "easy" shop with good prices. Country Market has stepped up their game for last minute essentials and emergency items like Tylenol. If you head up to Pokerville - Andrae's Bakery in Amador City is worth a special trip. I haven't been to the Ione Market super recently but they also have a pharmacy. Best wishes to Plaza Employees. It's been a rough, rough year. 

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Plaza Market

I think it's becoming more obvious that the market will be closing soon.  Even some of the staff confirmed it this week. Such a shame.  It will be a long wait until Raley's opens the new full service store at the end of 2017.  I'm in Folsom weekly so it's not a major issue for our family.  I feel badly for folks who don't have the ability to drive out of the neighborhood and have depended on this market for decades. Maybe one of the local service clubs could offer to shop for those who aren't able to drive.

Cindy Jones

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Completely Ridiculous

The owner of Plaza Foods is a complete embarrassment. She has ruined a great little market, hurt and impacted some of our older citizens who cannot or do not want to drive to Cordova, Plymouth, or Jackson.  She  snickers at everyone when they question the empty shelves, and to top it off, drives her white GMC Terrain with Texas plates like an Indy 500 dragster on Scott Road. Pay your DMV fees, deadbeat. Time for her to get on stage, the first stage out of town. Adios BoBo!

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Richard Margarita

AMEN TO THAT!!!! Agree 5000 %


p.s. She drives like an idiot on Scott rd. And when she's not doing that, she's parked directly in front of the raley's sign for long periods of time doing...????

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