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No Giants game tonight on Greenfield

No Giants game tonight on Greenfield. Unacceptable.

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Giants game on Channel 21 & 22

Hi Bunky,

At 10:30 I'm found the Giants/Arizona game on Greenfield channels 21 & 22.- NBC Sports Bay Area and NBC Sports Bay Area (SD). Bottom of the 9th.

I found the channels on the scolling guide.

Joanne Brandt

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Giants Game...

Channel 21 and 22 were "Weak Service"/black until 9pm.  That is when the game finally came on.  Why are these channels so inconsistant?

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Sports Channels

Improving the consistency and realiablity of the sports channels is one area that we are working on with Greenfield Communications currently. Sports is one of the most popular reasons for watching TV and we are continuing to follow up for solutions.

I didn't know the Giants game had been blacked out in the beginning until yesterday. The entire game should have played.

Thank you for your patience.


Joanne Brandt

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