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Noise pollution

As we continue to grow Noise Pollution is becoming a bigger problem in Rancho Murieta.

 Please consider reducing the environmental impact of noise pollution by reporting vehicles with modified exhaust systems to California highway patrol. I would say report to our security and compliance person but theydon't seem to have any authority to do anything. Strangely we have rules for modified exhaust on motorcycles that aren't even allowed in more than half of the community but not for other vehicles. 

Secondly, please consider having professional landscaping done during the week so we can all enjoy our backyard on Saturday and Sunday mornings without the nose of mowers, leaf blowers etc. Not to mention the exhaust. 

Thank You for considering my views, 



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The 'problem' with your comment on the landscaping......not everyone employs professionals for one reason or another. Some just enjoy doing their on yard work and it relaxes them to do it on weekends after a hard week cooped up in an office. While I TOTALLY agree that the noise is irritating ...at any point of the day.  The fact is that in the summer you need to work early in the morning or get heat stroke. 

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Noise Pollution

Jan, Thanks for your comment. I couldn't agree with you more, because I'm one of those people. I enjoy mowing my own yard because I feel it's therapeutic and I create much less air pollution by using a rechargeable mower. The point I was making is some people use professional landscapers that don't have to come on weekends. 

Again, I believe we all have the right and should get out and do our own yard work as long as we're able. 



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