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Note from the RMA...

The RMA sent out this e-mail earlier today:

On Thursday, May 19th RMA will be holding a Town Hall Meeting to receive community input on the proposed Dog Park.

The meeting will be held in the RMA Building at 6PM.


For almost the past year, the Board of Directors has been considering a dog park in Rancho Murieta.

The Rotary Club offered to provide funding to build the park.

Location options were presents at a Public Board Meeting for review.

RMA staff rejected sites located near homes and recommended placement at the lake.

It was suggested Stonehouse Park also be considered.

The possibility of 2 parks are being considered...1 for small dogs and 1 for large dogs.

While the entire process was open for input from residents, before moving forward the RMA Board would like more input and YOUR opinion at a Town Hall Meeting.

Please attend and express your opinion for or against a Dog Park!

Attend to just learn more about the proposal and location options proposed.

It's your community! Voice your opinion!

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