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Original resident of Rancho Murieta needs a room

I'm looking for some help for my neighbor, Irene Gould.  She has lived in the townhouse next to mine for almost 40 years.  Her husband died six years ago and she neglected to pay some bills which resulted in her house being foreclosed and her being kicked out on the street this morning.  She has no family and nowhere to go.  She will be staying on my couch until we can find her a place but with a family of five in a two bedroom condo, there is not much room for her.  We need to find her a home or a room to rent.  As one of the original residents of Rancho Murieta, she does not want to leave and relies on her golf cart to get her to the store.  If anyone knows of something for rent, please contact me at (916) 919-1203.  Thanks.

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