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PBS stations out

Is anyone else dealing with both PBS stations off line?  I have sent 2 emails to Greenfields with no response. About two months ago the POP station, channel 4 just stopped coming in. I was told by Greenfield that it was no longer in our station lineup. I sure hope this is not the case with the PBS stations.  Is so, we might have to check out other TV service. Frustrating!

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KVIE out

I certainly hope Greenfield responds soon as we are frequent viewers of public television. 

Bobbi Belton

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Don't hold your breath Bobbi.....for weeks the channels have dropped out or pixilated.....hubby went up to the maintenance yard and talked to the tech...we wanted to know where the Kings games went since we could not get them all of a sudden....that night, we got it....then the next game, we could not get it.....all they do is give you lip service and nothing gets better.....yesterday, I re-scanned 3 times only to have the same thing happen over and over.....I hope some folks go to the RMA meeting tonight and voice their concerns....over 30 folks have complained on the neighbors site......!!!!!

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Greenfield response on KVIE issues

A note Wednesday morning from Greenfield:

"We have been running tests to identify the causes of noise in our system to reduce channel problems.  We had temporarily disconnected the off-air-antennae in order to isolate that as one of the causes of pixelation.  Our testing is complete and the KVIE channels have been restored."

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KVIE restored

a big shout-out to rm.com for getting us a prompt response to our problem!

The only response I received last night was an bunch of suggestions from a most arrogant customer service rep who was trying to teach me how to try to fix it myself!  I’ve never had so poor non-customer service.


Bobbi Belton

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