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Phillip Kwon...Painter Review

Ok...Phillip is painter who advertises on this website...Called him for an estimate on a small job that needed to get done fast during our remodel...He agreed to come out the next day in the morning and get it done...So far so good...Got a text in the morning saying he could come out a little later...OK...No problem..Just got to get it done that day...Got another text which said he could come out around 4:00...I guess 5:00 is around 4:00...So he shows up with his trusty archaic sprayer to paint the material...He puts the material on the driveway and being assured that it would not coat the driveway, guess what...A white driveway...And then turning around and looking 25 feet away my new GT4 is now speckled white...How does this happen...All I got from him was a blank stare...Got the paint off but the car cover is permantly speckled...He said he would be back between 9 and 10 the next morning to fix the driveway with HIS sprayer...So after waiting until 10:45 I did it myself...

Worst painter in the my short 69 years I have ever encountered...

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That's terrible

Oh Jack, that is terrible!   Thank you for getting the word out...but do please rate him on the Business Directory as that will stay there...your post will eventually fade away.  One Star is all that's needed to get a point across.



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Was the painter licensed and bonded ???  If so, what's the license number ?

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Phillip Kwon

We have also had a horrible experiece with hiring Phillip Kwon.  We hired him to paint the interior and exterior of our house.  Several times he would not show up when he said he would.  We informed him the painting needed to be completed by a certain date for a family event at our house. He said it would not be a problem but ended up not finishing. He painted our expensive bronze landscaping lights the same color of our house.  We never requested that he paint our lights.  He made the decision on his own without asking us.  While attemping to remove the paint from the lights he permantely damaged the finish.  Extremely poor paint prep and painting quality performed. I later discovered he provided me an expired contractor license.  Approximately a year later he was busted by a California Dept. of Consumer Affairs undercover investigation for unlicensed contractors providing services in Rancho Murieta.   Never hire this guy.

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Thanks Jack & Joe

Jack and Joe, Thanks so much for the information.  I was in here looking a Painter, a Decker and someone who does Rain Gutters.  Great to read your warning. 

Anyone with recommendations?


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