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Photo galleries are easier

We've changed the photo galleries to make them easier to use and to help more people see the great gallery photos.

The new way is simple.

  • Click the "Photo Galleries" bar at the top of any page of the site. 
  • Choose a gallery you want to see.
  • (New) Click any thumbnail or caption and it will take you to a larger version of that photo.
  • (New) Above and below the photo you'll see links to see "Previous" or "Next" photo.  Click those to see the entire gallery.
  • There's also a link that will take you back to the thumbnails page of that gallery.

Photographers or members can add comments to any photo -- such as the particulars of where it was shot or a thank-you for the photo.

There are 16 member galleries.  We've just created a new one, Fun Shots, which shows Murietans at community events.  (There are dozens of photos of two ETC events.)

If you want a gallery, or want to contribute photos to Fun Shots, drop a line to editor@ranchomurieta.com.

Any reactions to the new galleries will be appreciated.  These changes were made after suggestions by members.

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