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Raley's Market & El Dorado Savings.Thank you

A few weeks ago I went into the Raley's Market here in Rancho Murieta and bought a few items. Before I retired for the night, I noticed an over charge on my ATM at Raley's Market. Ammie Hayduk at El Eldorado Savings bank has always told me too,"Check your bank account before your day ends. I did see a transition that was higher than the amount that I purchased ". So before I could call Raley's the next morning, they called me  and explained  as to what transpired that night before , "They told me  " the casher did not close out my transaction properly and  it was higher than the amount that I purchased  and left it open for another transaction to take place. I am not complaining about what happened to me, but I'm very satisfied by "How Raley's handled this incident and everyone that works at the Market takes pride in what they do as a team member's working together, Thank you all!

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