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Rancho Murieta Automotive Repair

If you want honest work, then check out Guy and Rancho Murieta Automotive Repair over at the airport. He's a straight shooter, a rarity in the automotive repair world!

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Great Service at RM Automotive Repair

I completely agree with Benjamin. As our two cars are getting older, Guy has been extremely reliable and very capable of our auto repair needs. He's replaced our timing belt, water pump, fuel pump and radiator with speedy service and great prices. Give our local biz a try @ 354-8800.

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Guy and crew do a great job

Guy and crew do a great job of customer service. They'll be sorry to hear we bought a

new car but we still have the clunkers to work on.

My beloved Taurus blew it's alternator at 6:30 AM on Scott Road one morning. Guy answered the

forwarded call at the coffee shop and it was back on the road at 3 PM.

Pretty good.


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Our Experiences

Our daughter took her Honda Accord in to RM Automotive Repair for an oil change a few months back for which they charged a little over $50.  She took it in in the morning at the appointment time and did not get it back until after 3:00 pm.  They also took the wheels off to look at her brakes (with her permission because she thought something sounded funny) and charged about $100 for that.  Granted, they are close, and granted they took her back to our house to wait, so there was that convenience (for which there is some value).  However, for those of us who drive lots of miles, change our oil frequently, and don't have hours to wait around, Gold River Auto (a family-run shop on Coloma Rd off Sunrise Blvd) has an ongoing deal where you get lifetime oil changes for $175 for as long as you own the car.  And, when I take my car there for an oil change, I have it back in less than an hour when I make an appointment.  My last oil change there took 35 minutes.   Gold River also charged me about 1/3 less than the dealer quoted for replacing my brakes.  They squeezed me in the last hour of their day and stayed a little after hours because the dealer had me so worried about my brakes.   They are also open on Saturdays.   We have also had very good experiences with Rory's, which is about 15  minutes up the road in Plymouth.  They are also a family-run business.  Rory correctly diagnosed and fixed a problem with one of our cars that the dealer could not and did our maintenance work that was called for in the owner's manual for hundreds less than the dealer would have charged.  They kept one of our cars running to almost 300,000 miles.  They also tow for AAA Emergency Road Service and give great service; we received outstanding service (priced very well) when they towed our car to their shop and repaired it.  The only downside for us is that Rory's Auto Repair is not open on Saturdays.  However, they do have a system that allows you to drop off or pick up your car before or after hours.   They charge about $35 for an oil change.  They are super busy (because they are so good and very reasonably priced), so you really have to make an appointment with them.  Both Gold River and Rory's value your time as much as theirs, so they always get the work done quickly (whether minor or major).

M Duffek

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Sorry to hear you had a bad experience, Maralee

Finding a reliable mechanic - even if it's a dealer - can be a horrible and frustrating challenge.  I haven't used RM Auto because we are currently have our work done at the dealer, so I can't comment on them.

However, I have used Gold River in the past and they made a mess of my old Explorer - more than once.  Long story really short, I believe everyone can make a mistake and gave them the benefit of the doubt.  After several tries - including getting stranded and towed back to Gold River and paying them for a $500 service they assured me the car had to have.  When the car crapped out at the side of the road for the third time, I had it towed to Rory's where they fixed it in one try, including finding the wires that had been put together by Gold River using black electrical tape and that were shorting against my engine block (I may have the description screwed up a bit, but that's essentially it).  Gold River did a job that would get me out of the parking lot and home, but within 50 miles it was like I was running on 4 cylinders instead of 6, and needed to take it back in, where they would diagnose something they had "missed" and charge me more. 

Used Rory's for everything after that and would use them again in a heartbeat.  Totally honest.  Fast service.  Reliable.

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SUPERIOR Automotive Care

We have had many vehicles and many mechanics over the years.  Guy, the owner of Rancho Murieta Automotive is by far the best. His expertice and customer care cannot be beat.  He is one of our communitiy's great assets.


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Rancho Murieta Automotive

My family agrees...for simple oil changes to complicated engine problems...Guy and his team have been a great asset to our family.  Having a local automotive repair shop is very convenient...and he does a great job!  Thank you Guy!

Tom Barentson

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Rancho Murieta Automotive

I have been using Guy for my car and golf cart maintenance and repair for quite some time and have had nothing but excellent service. I have had everything from minor service such as oil change and lubrication to installing a new engine in  my Pontiac. He was also able to fix a recurring problem I had with the brake sensors that the Pontiac mechanics could not fix in several years. They even called out the Regional Service Rep to see if they could lend some advice but to no avail.

I find Guy to be a very honest businessman and very reasonable in the cost to repair our vehicles. I was there the day the woman and her Daughter returned to complain about his checking her brakes. Guy was only doing what any responsible person would do. He was checking the brakes because there was a potential problem that could have impacted the safety of this womans Daughter. Unfortunately, Guy has bills to pay just like the rest of us and has to charge for the service he provides. I would think that the peace of mind that any individual would have regarding the safety of a family member would certainly be worth the expense.

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