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Rancho Murieta = Friendliest Place I've Ever Lived

My wife, myself, and our 2 kids (plus 2 dogs) recently moved from Shreveport, LA to Rancho Murieta. I've been to a lot of places over the years, but have never met so many nice, neighborly people as here.

First, a bit of quick backstory...

We relocated here for my wife's real estate business, after she came out to the Folsom area on a business trip, and fell in love with this general part of the country. I recall her saying more than once, after that trip, that she couldn't believe how friendly people were out here, compared to Shreveport overall. Which is ironic, since "the south" has a reputation for good manners and being friendly to people.

She convinced me to take our next family vacation to this area, which we did in October of 2017. During which time I also fell in love with this general area, and was similarly impressed and surprised with how nice people seemed here. Which is funny, because we had always said California was the last state we'd ever move to. Aside from high taxes and other "issues," we also had a certain stereotype of Californians in our heads, which
wasn't exactly favorable. So yeah, we were pleasantly surprised there were actually lots of normal, nice people living here.

So, after that vacation, we decided we'd move to the Folsom area within a year or so.

My wife made several subsequent house hunting visits out this way without me, and one day stumbled upon Rancho Murieta. She fell in love with it and, being the excellent sales person she is, sold me on it too.

We moved here last summer, and have found Rancho to be chock-full of some of the nicest, most thoughtful people we've ever met. I've almost lost track of the number of people who've brought us house warming gifts, taken us out to lunch, etc. Sure has shattered the preconceived negative stereotypes we once had about "those crazy California people."

Well...I guess that about says it all.

Just really thankful to be living near so many nice people, and looking forward to raising our kids here.

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Welcome to RM 

Jeffrey, we're glad you're part of Rancho Murieta and pleased you shared such positive thoughts at RanchoMurieta.com. Things in the community are far from perfect, but sometimes we lose sight of how much we have here and how lucky we are. We hope 2019 is a great year for you and your family.

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Welcome to our community Jeffrey Consiglio and family

I'm the Sheriff Volunteer out here and if you need anything or have any questions, you can contact me at my office.....(916)354-8509 Jacque Villa.  I have lived here for 31 years and can probably answer any questions you may have regarding the community.  Happy New Year

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Thanks Jacque!

Thanks Jacque!

Jeff Consiglio
Rancho Murieta Resident

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