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Random act of kindness

On June 17th at roughly 4 p.m. my son and I went to the river launching our kayak just upstream from the South Beach, which is located just downhill from the 9th hole on the south course. I noticed two children playing with a log, using it as a flotation device. I offered to loan my kayak to the children after asking the mother's permission. They thanked me and seemed happy to have use of the kayak. I did not ask their names nor did I asked their mother's name. I left the kayak at the beach in front of their mother to use at her discretion. Not too long after the two young children ventured off out of sight. Having children of my own, my natural reaction was concern for the safety of the children. The river is a dangerous place without proper flotation devices (which these children wore none) and adult supervision, which in the moment was non-existent. I mentioned to the mother that her children were out of sight and around the bend in the river. She made no effort to check on them, I swam out to see if they were okay and saw they were on the beach area behind the rocks. At this point I left the kayak with my 14 -year old son and his friends and went to dinner.

Never did I imagine that the mother's reaction to my comment was to call security and accuse me of trying to lure her children into the kayak! Shortly after I left, my son and his friends were questioned by Rancho Murieta security and learned my identity. Security knows me personally after living here 12 plus years. They knew there had to be a misunderstanding. A random act of kindness publicly embarrassed my son and his friends not to mention my tenants that had two security officers dispatched to my home interrupting their dinner. I realize that security was only doing their job and I commend them for doing so.

To the mother of these two children ... I am human being that was concerned for the safely of your children. A simple "Thank You" would have sufficed. Contacting security and posting on Facebook allegations about that day is unacceptable. You owe the Davis, Longoria, Martin, Miranda and Smith families an apology.

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