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Ransomware Microsoft windows 10


Many people see a windows 10 Icon on the right corner of their task bar next to the date and time clock, or popping up asking them to upgrade to windows 10. I call this "Ransomware"  that keeps asking you to upgrade!!Whatever you do.. do not upgrade to windows 10 before doing a complete back up of all your files! Many of my clients have lost years of pictures and documents after upgrading to windows 10. I know its a free version to upgrade too and at no cost. But what is the cost too you when you lose all your files? And yes, there is a way to disable the nagging windows 10 from showing up on your PC! And the windows 10 reminder can and has caused many computers to shut down and freeze up their computer systems, making people to believe that they must upgrade. When in fact, it is the upgrade reminder sent out from Microsoft that is causing many people's  PC's too freeze up. Please, consult with your "IT" tech before moving to windows 10 and do not become a victim of the "Ransomeware of windows 10!

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Annoying Win 10 popup

Damon, I agree with you completely. Can you give us instructions on removing the annoyance? Or do you have to come to our rescue on site?


Alvin Somers

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Annoying win 10 popup

Alvin, I sent you a private message on here. please read :)

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