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Rattlesnake Bite; Rattlesnake Removal

My dog was bitten by a rattlesnake in my backyard on Friday. Thanks to VCA SAC Vet hospital emergency services, she has survived.  Since then I have not been able to locate the rattlesnake or its possible habitat.

According the the VCA HOSPital they have seen a STRONG uptick in rattlesnake bites to dogs in just the past two weeks (up to 9 different bites).  The weather and the time of year brings the snakes out into the open.  Plus, KCRA channel 3 ran a special on Len Ramirez (Ramirez Rattlesnake Removal) on Friday.  Mr. Ramirez is the ONLY licensed, bonded and insured rattlesnake removal service in the State of California, and he has been removing rattlesnakes for 35 years.  During the show he stated there has been an enormous, unusual number of calls for his services over the past month.  

I am waiting for a call from Ramirez to set up an appointment to visit my home and locate the rattlesnake(s), identify the rattlesnake habitat and educate me about the deadly varmits.  Because they are located in Loomis and Auburn it will cost me around $400 for the trip  to Rancho Murieta and perform their very thorough services.  The traves time is what makes the price so high.  (Two hours of travel time from and to their offices.)

MY QUESTION:  is anyone interested SHARING an appointment DATE so we can share travel costs?  The more appointments on the same date, the less the cost.

Please call my cell 916 402 3067, text or email if you are interested.  Please note:  this is NOT NOT NOT an advertisement or promotion for the service.  Unfortunately, this is a deadly serious issue.  And please be especially careful with your own pets and children.

Thank you.

Eileen Shephard

Puerto Drive, North side


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