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Recommendation for house cleaner

We are looking for a house cleaner for once or twice a month rountine cleaning .  Does anyone know of a really good house cleaner that you are currently using who may be looking for additional clients in RM, or can recommend one that provides services in the RM area?

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House Cleaner

I found someone who does a wonderful job, is very reasonably priced and lives in Rancho Murieta.

Her name is Selina, 916-251-6573

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House Cleaner

HI Amy!
Thank you for your reference!  What do you pay (if you dont mind me asking) to clean your home a month?

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possible house cleaner

I have used a woman for the last several years. dependable, honest and very good at her job. Not sure she is looking for another house. Should you want me to check with her, let me know.

Mike: 215 2900

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