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Reminder: Homeschool Presentation Tonight @ 6:30pm at RM Church


Homeschool Presentation is Tonight @ 6:30pm at RM Church!

Please join us for a special night of inspiring information and guidance from one of my mentors and friends Carrie Bailey Carlson. She will be presenting "Leadership Education and the Phases of Learning...A Homeschool Approach" as a way to introduce us to the Thomas Jefferson Education Philosophy in a homeschool setting. However, non-homeschooling parents are also welcome to attend because we believe that Leadership Education is relevant in all settings. This presentation is great for families who are thinking about homeschooling, who just started homeschooling or even for veteran homeschoolers who want to learn more about how to inspire kids to love learning and be intrinsically motivated. Please RSVP to Charrie Bastian at brilliantebegin@att.net.  We have limited seats for this special event!

When:  Wednesday, October 14, 2015 @ 6:30pm - 8pm

Where:  Rancho Murieta Community Church (bible study classroom)

RSVP:  Charrie Bastian @ brilliantebegin@att.net

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