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Since this new update I now have to log in 2 or 3 times sometimes before I am allowed to post a comment. By that time I no longer want to post anything acceptable for publication. I am VERY unhappy with much of this NEW but so frustrated right now that I can't even detail it.

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Let's figure it out

Jan: We're sorry about that. We'd like to understand the problem you're having. If you'd like, you're invited to call 354-3916 or send an email to editor@ranchomurieta.com

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No problem for me

Jan, wasn't sure which device you are using.  My home computer using Chrome, no problem it remembers me and had me already logged in when I pull up the site.  My Samsung Galaxy 4 using Chrome, I tried logging in where it provided my login information but then it said it was invalid or something to that effect.  So I tried again and this time typed it in and it worked.  I then rebooted my cell and it had me still logged in from the previous session.

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I use Chrome and my password is saved....but I still have to click it a few times to get it to 'take',  Then I might be able to post a reply in the forum but sometimes it won't 'take' for me to comment on a 'news' item until I log on AGAIN. Very frustrating.  I can go back and forth several times and in between my registration/log in goes blank....as opposed to being filled in and ready for me to hit submit.

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