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RM from outer space?

Interesting blog post Friday at sacbee.com about how a Sacramento city employee asked an engineer on the Space Station to snap a photo of Sacramento as the craft passed over.  Done and done -- you can see the photo on Commander Chris Hadfield's Twitter feed.

And while maybe we wouldn't bet the ranch on it, 10 minutes of comparison to maps leads us to think the fuzzy nebula at the center bottom of Hadfield's photo is none other than ... us.  Rancho Murieta!  Wave for the space camera!

Here's a detail from his photo and the fuzz patch we believe is RM:

RM from space

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We Are In The Boonies

Cool.....I like seeing how far away we are from everyone


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Post about space photo...

It's cool, but it's from 2013. This morning we fixed a typo we should have caught five years ago, and suddenly the post is back at the top of the comments. (Surprise!)

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