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RMA Compliance Committee

I had the displeasure of  recently appearing before the Compliance Committee  related to an alleged violation by my gardener.It was "my first violation". The " hearing" was held in my absence, despite a continuance being granted due to my unavailability , and a decision was made. When I appeared at the continued "hearing" I was greeted by an angry Committeee with a bad attitude that at first refused to identify themselves ( Star Chamber ?). It quickly became obvious to me that they did not have open minds and were more interested in punishment than fairness and obtaining compliance from residents. I worked for 13 years in the District Attorney's Office and saw real criminals treated with more respect and understanding than I received from this Committee.I understand that the Compliance Committee is made up of volunteers from our Community and I apreciate people that volunteer. However , if they can't be open minded and fair they should find something else to occupy their free time.I have lived in Rancho Murieta for over 30 years and we deserve better.

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RMA Compliance commitee


Sorry to read that you had an unpleasant experience with the compliance committee. Fortunately, I have never had any disputes with them, and if I did, I would probably just make note of it, and move along, as you should probably do at this point. And on a personal note, I am apprecaitive of their efforts to enforce the rules in our community. Its a thankless job...and I am thankful.

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