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RMA to the rescue

Thanks to a couple of true heroes, Rod Hart and Troy are the absolute best!

our cat had been in a tree for two days and everyone was worried 

we tried everything including the fire department and a tree company,

nobody could help and although they say that the cat will come down eventually 

we were listening to him cry and it wasn’t getting any better.

then with one call here comes rod and Troy and they invented a stick noose tool and rescued him

hes fine now and although we tried they wouldn’t accept anything in a way of our gratitude 

thats why I love Rancho Murieta 

and if you see those guys out there up to their waist in muddy water on a hot summer day 

Give them a brake and a bottle of water 

Virgil and Trudi Flores Jr.


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Glad you got you cat back safely. 

Jeff Consiglio
Rancho Murieta Resident

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