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RMCC Dues Restructuring

  Are there any other former RMCC Sport/Social members, who are now classified as “full golf members”, because you participated in the first phase of the Recruit and Reward program? 

  I recently attended two of the meetings regarding the fee restructuring. I understand the boards position of trying to create an equitable fee structure for the membership. I do however disagree with some aspects of how they are going about it. At the first meeting that I attended, board president Martell stated that the first phase of the R&R program was illegal in the way it was implemented because it created a dual class of membership, R&R and the regular full golf membership, both having the same privileges, but the full golf members paying a higher monthly dues. He also stated that this put RMCC in violation of an IRS tax code and violated the RMCC bylaws, thus rendering our contracts invalid and unenforcible. But since we, the former Sport/Social members are now considered “full golf members”, we would have to remain “full golf members”, and be subject to the $125 monthly dues increase. This increase would be in conjunction with the lowering of the dues for the “regular full golf members”, thus bringing parity to the monthly fee structure. I don’t disagree with the idea of parity or equity in the fee structure, but how can those of us who were Sport/Social members, and only became full members because of the R&R program be held to the full golf provision of our contract, when the contract has been declared invalid and unenforcible by the board? It seems to me that the former Sport/Social members should have the option of continuing as full golf members, and paying the $125 dues increase, or return to our previous level of membership and pay that current fee, which is $20 more per month than we are paying now. The board should not be able to cherry pick which portion of the contract they wish to enforce, and then declare the rest invalid. They seem to be trying to harvest the fruit from the poisonous tree. As for the argument that a cap has been placed on the Sport/Social member level, the board put the cap on, the board can take the cap off. Also, not every member would have the option to return to the S/S category. Only those who were originally S/S before R&R was implemented.

  The R&R program was implemented by a prior board of directors. This board had the obligation of performing the necessary due diligence prior to the implementation of the R&R program. It was their responsibility to insure no tax codes or bylaws were violated. For members like myself, I had no need nor desire to become a full golf member. I only became one because the board came to the membership and asked us to help bring new members into the club. Now, because of the improper actions of a previous board, I feel current board is trying to hold us hostage. I for one will not be. 

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We are currently working on a

We are currently working on a program to assist those on sport social. I may continue under another name and similar price. Give the commitees and board a chance to finish our work. You are jumping to unknown conclusions

John Hein

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