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RMCC Jr. Tennis Camp is Fabulous!

I just wanted to share our positive experience with Coach John Vigil at RMCC Tennis Camp this summer. My girls have been taking lessons with coach John for a year now. They aboslutely love the game of tennis and I believe it's because of Coach John and his coaching style. He works them hard AND they are smiling ear to ear the whole time!

The summer camps are great because it is very flexible. You can do one day a week, or two, pay a discount rate for just one week, or pay an even better discounted rate for attending 6 or 8 weeks. And it is any 6 weeks you'd like. I haven't experienced such flexibility in any other program/sport. Of course, the more you attend the more you learn. But Coach John offers something for everyone's commitment level. 

I encourage you to find out more about this awesome program. You can join at anytime. FYI, this post is 100% from my own personal experience and feeling that I should share with my neighbors. It was not encouraged by any other source. 

Contact RMCC and they will get you in contact with coach John.

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