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RM.com page looks jumbled?

Some users are reporting a sudden problem between some pages of RM.com and Version 9 of the Internet Explorer web browser. The problem causes RM.com to appear as a jumble for people using that browser. We’re sorry for the problem.

We're working on a fix from this end, but in the meantime, here's how to fix it on your machine if you’re having the problem.

At the top of the browser is a small box. Click it and your problem will disappear. (The screen shot below shows you where to click.)

 Fix display

Again, please accept our apologies for this problem.

If you know someone who's having this problem, and can't read this page easily, please download and email them the attached PDF of this explanation, which you see below.

P.S. If this solves your problem -- and especially if it doesn't -- could you let us know? Drop a note here or to editor@ranchomurieta.com. Thanks!

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