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In 2012, Folsom's residents passed Measure W which allowed for expansion on the south side of Highway 50. The infrastructure for that project is about to begin.  As part of this project, Scott Road will be closed from Highway 50 to White Rock Road. If the schedule holds, this closure will begin in May. Scott Road into Folsom will be closed for the remainder of 2017.  Travel from RM to Folsom will be impacted in that it will now be necessary to turn left on White Rock Road from the Scott Road "T" in order to reach Prairie City Road. This will be the only access to Folsom. The altrnative will be to use Grant Line Road to reach the traffic signal at Prairie City Road and then turn left.  Those of you who use Scott Road between 7am-9am and 4pm-6pm already know it is impossible to turn left at that intersection.

In addition, the "Connector" is in the process of soliciting contractors for construction of the next phase of the JTS Connector. This signals that this project is underway. All of the EIR work has been completed for the section of the Connector that links Prairie City Road and Placerville Road. The contractors are being selected for the first phase, which is ONLY the construction from Prairie City to Scott. I would anticipate that the 2018 reopening of Scott Road into Folsom will somehow collide with the construction delays on Scott Road back to Prairie City Road. When this section is completed, we should, however, have a safe way to turn both left and right on to White Rock Road.

I have had some dialog with Supervior Frost's office concerning the long term needs of RM on the Scott Road. The reception there has been refreshing. There are safety concerns on Scott that need to be addressed as well as a long term plan for a road with adequate shoulders. Then there is the issue of the bridge/culverts that prevent access to the road each time there is a significant rain. There has also been discussion about the speed limit and an evaluation of the road that might lead to some actual speed limit signs. I also suggested some turnouts that would allow slower drivers to move to the side. Many currently do move over, however, much of the road is not conducive to this type of maneuver. While I am not optimistic that the real fixes will happen in the near term, I am sure that they will not happen at all unless we, as a communtiy, begin to lobby the County to get the services we require. There are over 900,000 trips per year travelling both North and South on Scott and is no longer functions as what would be classified as a "rural road".  Supervisor Frost recently did a survey of her constituents and Safey and Security were the primary concerns of the residents in her district. Both of these RM concerns fit right in with that survey.  Growth is going to severely impact us if we do not get some of the infrastructure that will be required to mitigate that growth. It's time for us to become the "squeeky wheel".

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Folsom roadwork
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Scott Rd into Folsom

John, thanks for the heads up on the Scott  Rd. closure. I believe you indicated that the only way into Folsom with Scott Rd. closed is via Prairie City. Won't  the road just past Scott (I think it's the old Placerville road, the one by the railroad tracks passing by In & Out burgers) still be available?



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Scott Road Closure Necessary?

John, good insight on the upcoming closure we may face on the Scott Road commute. Thank goodness we have our new SacCounty Supervisor Frost who is listening to our concerns regarding this major (no longer rural) commuter thoroughfare. Since that portion of Scott, eastward from the White Rock T-intersection on to 3-way stop (believe this portion is co-named Scott-White Rock) and back northward on Scott to Hwy 50/Bidwell, is such a major commuter thoroughfare into Folsom for many Murietans and others (believe you mention nearing 1 million commutes/year), why do we, the County taxpayers need to accept any closures of our roads, on any portions for that lengthy period to patronize private development interests? Seems those developers should enact workarounds to our public ownership and needs. How was this proposed County closure effected without the entire public's approval, not just Folsom City's desires for development? Supervisor Frost: Thank you for attention to our issues; looking forward to County response.

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Folsom Ranch development

More info about the development.


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Sad News

Just sad.  No more words.

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so sad to see the beautiful prairie destroyed!

My heart sunk when i saw the bulldozers. that land has always been so beautiful

I know progress must go on... to bad in my lifetime

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Scott Rd, revised dates for closure

Revised information: Placerville Road will close May 3rd thru the 1st week of June. Scott Road will close after Placerville Road is finished and will remain closed through the end of the year.

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Scott Road Closed May 7, 2017


Just a reminder, Scott Road will be closed most of the day this Sunday.  This includes the portion between White Rock and Highway 50. White Rock will be reduced to two lanes in the 'new' section and closed from Prarie City to Placerville Road. White Rock is also closed from Grant Line to Luyung Drive (near Costco).  Closure is from 8am to 3pm.

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