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Roaming cats who are not fixed

There seems to be a new cat on Terreno (short hair black & white Tuxedo male), someone said they thought it belongs to someone on Park 6 but it's been over on Anillo and Terreno Park 8.  From what I have seen, he is not fixed.  If this is your cat, please have him fixed, we don't need any kittens if there is a female roaming who is not fixed.  I understand from other neighbors he is quite the fighter.



Also anyone else who lets their cats out who are not fixed, please please get them fixed.  If you can't afford it, the SPCA is one of the cheaper places to do so.  If you don't have the time to take your pet in, ask a friend or post on here for assistance I'm sure any concerned pet lover would be willing to help with the drop off and/or pick up.

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Fixed Cats

My wife and I have paid to fix 6 kitties( Mother and five). All of where born under our deck. ?They have the left ear clipped > We continue to feed the remaining kitty

Richard Robinson


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