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Router for Greenfield


I am happy to report that we have fiber over here! The Greenfield installation people were very nice. Question: I believe we need a new router to increase our speed. Any recommendations? Other details seem to be: We have Apple TV and it uses a public ip which may impact our speed. Disclaimer - I know so little about that last sentence I can't clarify. I am just repeating. We're happy to get a private ip - we just need speedier internet. Anyone solved this problem? Thank you!

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Call Damon Mecado

Nellie, the best person to answer your questions is Damon!!
His number is listed in the business directory..

Myrna Solomon

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Greenfield Router?


We are also in the process of switching over to Greenfield fiber. I understand you can rent a high speed router from Greenfield. Was this not something you were interested in or is it better to buy your own high speed router? Much appreciated for yours and others feedback.



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I recently installed a Netgear router ( no modem) on the Greenfield fiber and it works great under Windows 10. Running a speed test, it indicated a 20mb and 10 mb speed or 10 times what I got from DSL and ATT. Netgear has several models and you get what you pay for. My router cost around $200.

Jerry Pasek

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High speed router

I have Greenfield's fiber, and I am happy to report it is working perfectly. I am using the 50/25 package. So the first step, a real internet connection, which I have been waiting for, for 24 years is complete.

Step 2 is the router.  Don’t skimp if you want good throughput on multiple devices.  The router is just as important as the fiber.

For example, (as a test) while writing this post, I have four devices streaming video. (All in 1080 P)Three are doing it wirelessly and one wired directly to the router plus a VPN running in the background, and it is working flawlessly. Current download speed is 42.85 Mbps and upload 25.07 Mbps.

Just to guarantee a perfect connection, my router is directly wired to Greenfields demark in the garage with Cat 6 wire. No coax in the mix.

So here is a link to PC Magazines recommendations with some good information:


Keep in mind that however many devices you connect with today, in the next few years that number will probably more than double.

Whether you rent one or buy is up to you. If you rent a high-speed router, it should be at least a tri-band AC2600 or higher. I am using a Linksys EA8500 you can check it out here:


High-quality connection and a good high-speed router makes for happy streaming.

John T Weatherford

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Another router recommendation

Good advice in this thread. About a year ago, Greenfield recommended I buy the Netgear N750 router, which I did. It has been terrific. I see Amazon has it for $60.

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Router for Greenfield


Since others have commented on the router issue. I will comment on the  public Ip address that your service provider offers you. Under the old "RMA" cable system they offered 5 ip address to one household and under Greenfield Communication's they offer you "only" 1 public Ip address. for example, unless your running a business, Greenfield  would charge you for more multiple ip address's.

So? Having a public Ip address would not be the cause of slow internet. If you are having this problem and have "changed" to a new router. You might have to look at that device that you're having issue's with? Or maybe the device is to far from the router? Before spending money on any new equipment,  have your IT tech come out and look at your network.

I hope you can respond back to this thread with your end result. I'm sure others would like to know the outcome.

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Router Feedback


Thank you for the router feedback. We had our fiber installed last Friday and went with the Fiber 20 lowered tier (20Mbps/10Mbps) package. We initially went with the high powered wireless router lease from Greenfield which was a Netgear 750. However, both the technician and sales representative recommended it would be better to buy a new router for the longterm. During the weekend, we were not getting consistently 20/10 WIFI throughout our larger house so we went and bought a new Netgear 1750 at Best Buy for about $120 (inc. tax). This was installed today and we are now consistently getting 20/10 WIFI around our house. Greenfield mentioned they will not be charging us for renting their router for 3 days. I want to praise Greenfield for their customer service and we are excited about our new fiber installation!



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