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Scott Road speed trap?

Is this a first? At mid-afternoon Wednesday, the CHP was pulling over and ticketing cars for speeding on Scott Road. It was happening in the area that floods in winter.

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CHP on Scott Rd.

Good...it's about time....

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Good, it's about time!

I'm glad to hear this considering how fast so many people drive on Scott Road and endanger everyone else...including me one day. 

Myrna Solomon

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Scott Road

Good.  This morning at two different locations I had cars pass me by crossing double yellow line.  In one case they barely missed an oncoming car.  I was behind a slower driver but you just need patience to get home safely.

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Zooming through Facebook...

Some comments about Scott Road ticketing from RanchoMurieta.com's Facebook page:

  • Marianne Bille Hayes Might be a first, but I for one am very happy to hear this news. Let me be clear, I don't drive slow by any means, but when people speed like crazy and pass you over double lines, blind curves/up hills, then it's time to crack down before some innocent people (us living in RM) get killed in a head-on accident.
  • Myrna Solomon It's about time, and I'm glad to hear it's happening..
    • Debbie Alires-Kolmodin I'll second that!!!
  • Michelle Craft Hopefully they will catch all of those drivers that go 20 miles under the speed limit also. It is one of the most dangerous things just as dangerous as those going 20 miles over the speed limit. The speed limit is 55 not 35! :-)
    • Betsy Guzzetta I understand the frustration Michele but some folks are new to the road and some may be elderly and take more time. Better to be safe. I timed it once and it only took me 5 minutes more to go 40 mph (made sure no one was behind me).
    • Marilyn Fandrich Rahlf If you need to drive slower, be courteous and pull over for those who are able to drive more than 40
    • Betsy Guzzetta Marilyn Fandrich Rahlf some of those folks think they are driving an appropriate speed. Not many speed limit signs.
    • David Gransee Actually there are.... 55 mph is speed limit. If a person want to drive 35 or 40, be courteous and pull over.
  • Betsy Guzzetta Glad to hear it -- too many would be race car drivers!
  • Rick Fitzsimmons That you for the tip, I must admit I am guilty at times of speeding on Scott rd.
  • Debbie Alires-Kolmodin It's like the Audubon on that back road at times!! Very scary!! Unless I'm short on time for an appointment I will take Grant Line Road now into Folsom. Besides there's tons of big pot holes and with a new car that road is not kind to new tires!!
  • Tiffany Chanel Some speed limit signs would be nice too.
  • Carol Sheli Cantrell good! Because there are some crazy drivers!
  • Patricia Rodgers Greenhaw Listen up y'all
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Maybe a good idea...

Not many safe places to pull over and receive that citation, however.  Hoping not to find out first-hand!


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Scott Road

There is no speed limit signes posted on Scott Road between Latrobe Rode and White Rock Road, except curve limits.  To control speeders, it seemes the first thing would be to get speed limit signs posted.

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